Asphalt Plant


 premium asphalt-mixing plants utilise complex process engineering that requires perfect interaction between all individual components. This integration is so essential that  develops and manufactures all core components, including drums, burners, filters, screens, controls and mixers. Doing so ensures  plants will reach their full potential and meet the demanding requirements and standards of today’s market.


 burners and dryers are highly reliable, productive and feature cutting-edge technology. Robust, compact and energy-efficient designs minimise maintenance requirements and reduce fuel consumption. The burners and dryers are adaptable to multiple  plant types and built for easy operation. A wide range of options is available.


Flow is optimised through a highly technical analysis. The filters perform well from top to bottom and minimise service time. Ammatex filter bags offer high temperature resistance and eliminate the need for a fresh air damper. PTFE coating and seams create exceptional resistance and longer life. Improved thermal insulation contributes to the plant’s efficiency.


 screens are highly reliable and properly sort materials. Optimal material load maximises available screen area usage. A dust-free screen house is among the expertly engineered features. The screens are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. A wide range of options is available.


Mixers are highly reliable with short mixing times. Maintenance is minimal and all components work seamlessly and efficiently because of ’s quality engineering. The operator-friendly mixers are an integral part of  plants.


Every day  control systems successfully operate more than 2000 asphalt mixing plants around the world. The keys to this success: An easy-to-learn system, clear display and communication to the operator about what’s happening at the plant, an easy-to-understand production process and reliability.


Building industry-leading screening machines is one thing; providing the customer with a real solution is another. ’s ability to recognise your needs and provide tailor-made products for each application is the decisive factor in classification technology.

 has always understood the importance of classification. In fact, it’s a key part of our history.

Classification at  began in the earliest years with screening drums, which were replaced in the 1920s with eccentric vibratory screens.

The use of free-running vibratory screens began in 1940 and has continued since. Continuous improvements have been made to the screens, though the principle remains the same. The  EuroClass series is the latest free-running vibratory screen and most efficient to date.

 screening technology is suitable for processing hot, cold, wet and dry aggregate. Innovative developments, decades of market experience and more than 20,000 screens sold worldwide are clear signs of expertise and quality.


The mixing process is the key to top-quality asphalt.

  • A thorough coating of materials is essential to providing quality products.
  • Productive mixers are able to finish manufacturing one product and move quickly and seamlessly onto the next to meet customer demands.
  • A professionally engineered mixer provides a low cost of ownership by lengthening component life and reducing energy usage.

 continues to be at the forefront of mixing technology.


A top-quality mixer transfers the most movement possible to the mixture. Mixing paddles accelerate the particles in the mixture to systematically change the intensity and direction of the applied force.

The twin-shaft compulsory mixer has proven to be the best match for asphalt mix production. Its intertwining mixing levels combine material transport with mixing and shearing movements to guarantee the highest possible degree of homogeneity in the shortest time. Its powerful, intense mixing makes the process nearly twice as fast when compared to single-shaft mixers. The costs of wear and tear are significantly lower in comparison to other techniques.

A one-arm mixing pattern is adequate for most mixing tasks and balances mixer performance, energy consumption and operational costs. The pattern evenly distributes force and creates uniformity across the length of the mixer.

The arm patterns for continuous and hybrid mixers are optimized for each specific application. Mixers can create virtually any product by changing the weighting of conveyance, shear action and displacement.


To achieve optimal performance, your plant needs an ideal interaction between the burner, filter and dryer.  components are engineered to work together seamlessly, extending their life and reducing fuel costs in the process.

Continuous improvements also are made and the gains realised can be substantial. For example,  engineers and in-house specialists developed a burner system for lignite dust that no longer requires a secondary support flame. This can lead to fuel cost savings of 60 per cent when compared with using heating oil or natural gas.


Asphalt plant owners have several key goals, including two that essentially drive their businesses:

  • Maximise production capacity and efficiency
  • Meet environmental demands

The dryer is a key tool on both fronts, and  is committed to helping you reach these goals. How?


 brings knowledge and experience to your business and helps you find the right solution for your heating and drying process.  experts, who have visited plants around the world and seen challenges similar to what you face, will be able to help you find the best solution. You will maximise productivity and meet environmental regulations as ’s in-depth knowledge of emission reduction is available to you.


 brings knowledge and experience to your business and helps you find the right solution for your heating and drying process.  experts, who have visited plants around the world and seen challenges similar to what you face, will be able to help you find the best solution. You will maximise productivity and meet environmental regulations as ’s in-depth knowledge of emission reduction is available to you.


High-efficiency counter-flow dryers for virgin aggregates feature a specifically adapted combustion zone. Dryer drums with a middle ring combine drying and heating of aggregates with up to 40 per cent recycled materials. Parallel-flow options are designed to dry and heat RAP, with up to 60 per cent recycled material in the mix. The drums on the RAH100 Dryer are new counter-flows that offer the highest possible RAP content.


The burner is one of ’s core components. The perfect combination between dryer and burner is critical for production efficiency.  monobloc burners are both powerful and economical. Features include fuel conservation, low emissions, reduced sound levels and robust design.



Maximising productivity and quality is a key challenge in today’s economic environment. That’s why innovative control technology has become a decisive competitive factor. It impacts productivity, material quality and plant availability.

An  asphalt plant control system with cutting-edge technology can become a cornerstone in your profit-driving efforts. Yet you also need that system and its associated technology to be easy for operators to understand and utilise. The as1 Control System delivers on all fronts.

The system coordinates many key plant processes including:

  • Cold feeding
  • Drying
  • Weighing-mixing
  • Bitumen supply
  • Batch loading
  • Service and support

When all the pieces are put together the as1 provides the ultimate management and operation tool for all plant types.


The proprietary  control system provides data that can help you uncover trends, identify areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed, and everything in between. The data is accessible and presented in easy-to-interpret charts.

Don’t forget the as1’s value in running your plant. The system provides fully automated mix production and the flexibility to work in manual mode. The system offers a host of other benefits including the use of unlimited recipes, precise burner control, dynamic in-flight correction abilities and full integration of electrically heated bitumen storage tanks.


The  as1 Control System for continuous plants helps your operation run efficiently and uncovers valuable business data, too. Like the batch plant system, it enables use of unlimited recipes, precise burner control and full integration of electrically heated bitumen storage tanks. It also can run in automatic or manual mode.


The mobile control system takes all the best features of the traditional as1 system and delivers them in a compact package. Entering recipes is done with the click of a mouse. There is a calibration wizard for feeders and the bitumen pump. A single dialogue provides access to all key parameters.

The system provides access to key data, another benefit carried out across as1 systems. A 19-inch flat screen, protected by shock absorbers, makes for easy viewing.


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